An Approach to Mine Frequent Itemsets in Cloud Using Apriori and FP-tree Approach  
  Authors : Harneet Khurana; Kailash Bahl


Cloud computing has become a big name in present era. It has proved to be a great solution for storing and processing huge amount of data. It provides us demand, scalable, pay-as-you go compute and storage capacity. Data mining techniques implemented with cloud computing paradigm are very useful to analyze big data on clouds. In our dissertation we have used association rule mining as a data mining technique. In particular we have used Apriori algorithm for association rule mining. It has been observed that the original Apriori algorithm was designed for sequential computation so directly using it for parallel computation doesn’t seems a good idea. So we have improved the Apriori algorithm (FP Growth) so as to suit it for parallel computation platform. We have used CloudSim Simulator for cloud computing.


Published In : IJCAT Journal Volume 1, Issue 7

Date of Publication : 31 August 2014

Pages : 387 - 389

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Publication Link : An Approach to Mine Frequent Itemsets in Cloud Using Apriori and FP-tree Approach




Harneet Khurana : Research Scholar, is pursuing M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering in Patiala Institute of Engineering And Technology for Women, Patiala, Punjab, India.

Kailash Bahl : Dean Academics in Patiala Institute Of Engineering and Technology for Women, Patiala, Punjab, India.








Data Mining

Cloud Computing

Association Rule Mining in Clouds

Apriori Algorithm

FP-Growth Algorithm

Cloud computing is an architecture which is known for its powerful capability of computation and storage and resource sharing. These features make cloud computing favorable to data mining service in network environment. We have discussed association rule mining in cloud environment and various parallel and distributed mining algorithms. Data mining on cloud computing paradigm can benefit us to a great extent. That is why we have implemented data mining technique on cloud platform. Out of many data mining techniques we have studied association rule mining technique in this paper. More specifically we have association










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