Real Time Facial Feature Point Extraction  
  Authors : Kusuma Kumari B.M


Extract of facial feature points has become an important issue in many applications, such as face recognition, expression recognition, and face detection. A method of facial feature extraction-based and corner detection is presented in this paper. In this method develop a technique for extracting the facial features from a color image captured by the online webcam, under normal lighting condition; And saving the time during the feature extracting by the goal of detecting the features in different expression and orientations.


Published In : IJCAT Journal Volume 1, Issue 8

Date of Publication : 30 September 2014

Pages : 409 - 412

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Publication Link : Real Time Facial Feature Point Extraction




Kusuma Kumari B.M : completed her M.C.A, M. Phil and pursuing Ph. D from Tumkur University. Currently working as an Assistant Professor at Tumkur University. 8 years of teaching experience and attended and presented number of national and international conferences and published 13 papers in international journals. Interested in image processing, pattern recognition etc.








Feature Extraction

Facial Recognition

Corner Based

In this paper, it’s been tried to review the works done in facial feature extraction, and proposed the geometry based technique by the corner detection for extracting the facial feature points and also present the preprocessing approach. The experiment result shows the system can works in the different orientation and expression. In the future I will improve the detection by the higher accuracy and also it will be work in the real-time video.










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