A Review on - Lossless Image Compression Techniques and Algorithms  
  Authors : Ms. Shilpa Ijmulwar; Deepak Kapgate


In this paper we are giving the brief review about the existing lossless image compression techniques and the algorithm which have been implemented using the existing techniques. The Rapid growth in the field of multimedia and in digital imaging need to transmit digital images Transmitting the images without compressing them takes more disk space as wel as much time for transmission over the network. So the basic idea is to remove the redundancy of data presented within the image so that we can reduce the size of image without affecting the essential data in the image i.e. without compromising the quality of an image.


Published In : IJCAT Journal Volume 1, Issue 9

Date of Publication : 31 October 2014

Pages : 457 - 460

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Ms. Shilpa Ijmulwar : Dept.Of CSE, G.H.Raisoni Academy of Engg.&Tech.,R.T.M.Nagpur University Nagpur , Maharashtra, India.

Deepak Kapgate : Dept.Of CSE, G.H.Raisoni Academy of Engg.&Tech.,R.T.M.Nagpur University Nagpur , Maharashtra, India.








Lossless Compression


Image Compression


While doing the review on various lossless compression techniques, here we are come to conclusion that as there are already so many algorithm are implemented for the lossless image compression, The best algorithm is measured depends on the following 3 factors: quality of the image, amount of compression, speed of compression Quality of the Image: The quality of an image after being compressed depends on usage of two kinds of compression such as Lossless compression, Lossy compression Amount of Compression: The amount of compression depends on both the compression method and the substance of the image.










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