A Survey on Software Project Scheduling Methods  
  Authors : Haseeba N.; Sajeer k


Software project managers are often faced with challenges when trying to effectively staff and schedule projects. Incorrectly planning and estimating the execution of tasks frequently causes software projects to be delivered late and/or over budget. Also selecting the appropriate developers to carry out tasks may produce lower-quality, defective software products. Thus, an adequate model for software project planning has to deal with not only the problem of project task scheduling but also the problem of human resource allocation. Here is a review on different methods used for solving the issues related with software project scheduling.


Published In : IJCAT Journal Volume 2, Issue 1

Date of Publication : 31 January 2015

Pages : 12 - 14

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Haseeba N. : M-Tech Student, MES CE Kuttipuram M.E.S College of Engineering, Kuttipuram

Sajeer k : Assistant Professor, MES CE Kuttipuram M.E.S College of Engineering, Kuttipuram








Software project planning

Project scheduling

project management

staffing and scheduling

Software Project Scheduling is one of the most important tasks for Software Project management team. Some activities of the project are very critical that delay the overall project completion time and cost. By adopting any software project scheduling technique is the step every software project manager can take to more effectively manage software development. Here a review of some of these software project scheduling techniques is done using various research papers in this field.










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