Analysis of AJAX Web Crawler for Hidden Web  
  Authors : Beena Mahar; Dr C. k. Jha


Today the advance technology can dynamically change the index, content and the structure of the web page. The web crawler uses static web page to produce less content during page loading. But in AJAX web crawler this problem is sort out. In this paper we analysis the concepts of Ajax web crawler that support AJAX and make the custom tasks that’s become web information very efficient. AJAX is a web development technique for building responsive web application. This paper gives an overview of the AJAX technique and explores ideas for teaching this technique in modules related to internet technologies and web development. We also analyze a depth overview of AJAX web crawler for the hidden web 2.0 which presents new and fresh challenges. An analysis on various facts is presented which include the design, working and realization of the AJAX web crawler that can be effectively obtain AJAX dynamic hidden web.


Published In : IJCAT Journal Volume 2, Issue 12

Date of Publication : December 2015

Pages : 463 - 468

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Publication Link :Analysis of AJAX Web Crawler for Hidden Web




Beena Mahar : Research Scholar, Department of Computer science Banasthali University, Rajasthan- India

Dr C. k. Jha : Associate Professor, Department of Computer science Banasthali University, Rajasthan- India








Hidden web


web crawler

working of AJAX

Web 2.0

web indexing

indexing technique

When the web is crawled, any search engine parses the file to generate an index that points to the corresponding various result. This is a process where create an index. These indexes helps search engine for retrieval of result very vastly. For example it may take much time for search engine to scan a file which contain thousands of many pages but if in index is create then they eliminate the need for search engine to go through the file at the time search results are needed. The main drawback of creating an index is that it needs huge and extra memory for storage of indexes.










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