A Review on Image Forgery and Its Detection  
  Authors : Arun Anoop M


Image have been a powerful media of communication. People have doing image manipulation using cost free editing softwares. Excellent example is photoshop, gimp etc. There are two sides of coins. Likewise every equipment have good and bad sides. Photoshop is used for good and bad image manipulation. Tampering the image comes under bad manipulation. We can see bad image manipulation in medical field, news media, photography, firm. Aim is to misrepresent the situation. Medical images are used to misrepresent the patient’s diagnosis by funny guys. Patients data are sensitive information. Image manipulation is due to the free availability of tools. And the aim of this misrepresentation is for claiming medical insurance. Likewise media writers also can add some false stories and trying to falsifying the images. Media workers are falsifying images for their media publicity. Falsifying image means tampering the images. Image tampering is a digital art. One who tampers image is just for fun. It comes under illegal activities. In medical area, physicians or researchers make diagnosis or research based on image only. Image tampering can not identify in a naked eye. In this paper, I prepared a literature survey about various image forgery detection techniques and finally i concluded the comparative study with some parameters. An expert network administrator can also do this type of manipulation in his sketch before a new lab configuration. Patients can add manipulations and they can apply for medical loan. Likewise others can add extra contents and falsifying the data.


Published In : IJCAT Journal Volume 2, Issue 5

Date of Publication : May 2015

Pages : 139 - 149

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Mr. Arun Anoop M : He obtained his BTech in Computer Science and Engineering from cochin university in the year 2008.He completed his PG diploma in information security and system administration from DOEACC center, NIT , Calicut and also secured S-Grade. He obtained his MTech in Information Technology from kalasalingam university in the year 2011.Presently he is working as Assistant Professor in Computer Science and Engineering, MESCE, kuttippuram, kerala.Before joining MESCE he has worked as teaching assistant in information technology in kalasalingam university, krishnankoil, Tamilnadu. He is having 4 years of teaching experience after MTech. He has attended many workshops, FDPs and conferences. His areas of interest are network security, wireless sensor networks, vanet , image forensics. He has around 17 National and International Conferences and journals. He has guided 6 Mtech students. He is the board member of IJCTT journal. And also he is a certified computer hacking forensics investigator-EC Council.








Image Manipulation

Tamper Detection Techniques

Image Processing

Network Security

Image Forensics

I had given brief idea about image foregery and its detection methods and I had mentioned some important image authentication tools in daily life for investigators in image forensics. I mentioned about the survey of image tampering techniques. Finally concluded an analysis based on existing papers with four parameters. In future, researchers can do the analysis work on CASIA V2 dataset and can do the research based on any of the tampering techniques. This study has discussed image forgery techniques with neat diagram and its detection. This study will help researchers to get deep knowledge in field of image forgery.










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