Weather Parameters Monitoring By Raspberry Pi  
  Authors : Meetali Rasal; J.G.Rana


The paper mainly focus to implement a prototype model for the weather monitoring system. Temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure and many other environmental parameters measurement by using respective sensors is very important in weather monitoring and industrial development. A device for weather monitoring has been developed as described in this paper to monitor and display the tem¬perature, pressure and relative humidity ,wind speed and direction, altitude of the atmosphere ,rain fall detection using Raspberry pi. In this paper, various weather monitoring techniques have been reviewed. System stores the data and as per the request data will be provided to user. There are various techniques for observing weather like satellite, radar, microcontroller but Raspberry is latest and efficient technology.


Published In : IJCAT Journal Volume 3, Issue 5

Date of Publication : June 2016

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Meetali V. Rasal : is PG student, pursuing M.E in Electronics and Telecommunication from JNEC, Aurangabad.

J.G.Rana : is a M.E in Electronics & Telecommunication, working as a HOD and professor in JNEC, Aurangabad with 27 years of teaching experience .He has been guided many UG and PG student, ,around 25 papers has been published by him at national and international level.








Raspberry Pi. Cloud, Weather sensors, python programming

For Final programming, additional libraries used like RPI GPIO library which gives access to raspberry PI’s GPIO’s and the HTTPLIB which can access the working internet connection of raspberry pi through programming and post the data to the server present on the internet. The data posting through the python programming can be timed at suitable intervals so as to not to clot the sever with incoming streams of data continuously. The proposed system is an enormous improvement over existing commercial methods in terms of cost, portability, memory capacity.The project deals with designing a simple and low cost weather monitoring system using different weather sensors, LCD, relay and raspberry pi, to monitor weather parameters










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