Study of Cloned Websites: Practical View of Phishing Website Design and Prevention  
  Authors : Arun Anoop M


Cloned website creation is one of the serious threat in Wireless network or internet. The password stealing of humans is done by the hackers mostly through internet. Nowadays internet is not so safe. Many cyber cases reported recently based on bad or illegal activities. Safety on humans is not guaranteed. Likewise nothing is safe in internet. There is no guarantee in that also. Many of the hackers were created cloned websites and they are mapping ip address with the website name with the help of dns spoofing. There are plenty of softwares available in market to make an URL that start with https. In this paper we propose a phishing website creation with the help of Kali Linux social engineering toolkit. After the creation of cloned website , use existing anti phishing tools to detect and prevent the phishing websites. Prevention method mainly focused on existing web browser plugins . Toolbars, online websites for anti phishing, Online game for anti phishing. And finally will do an analysis work on it. Our work mainly focused on vmware virtual workstation and on my client_ PC. Cloned website created in Kali Linux(VM ware). Detailed analysis work will be the core part of the work.


Published In : IJCAT Journal Volume 3, Issue 8

Date of Publication : August 2016

Pages : 412-417

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Publication Link :Study of Cloned Websites: Practical View of Phishing Website Design and Prevention




Arun Anoop M : He obtained his BTech in Computer Science and Engineering from cochin university in the year 2008.He completed his PG diploma in information security and system administration from DOEACC center, NIT , Calicut and obtained his MTech in Information Technology from kalasalingam university in the year 2011. Presently he is a PhD scholar under Anna University,Chennai. He worked as an Assistant Professor in Computer Science and Engineering, MESCE, kuttippuram, kerala. Now he is on study leave for doing his FullTime PhD. Before joining MESCE he worked as teaching assistant in information technology,Kalasalingam university, krishnankoil, Tamilnadu. He is having 3.11 years of teaching experience at MESCE and 6months teaching experience at Kalasalingam University. He has attended many workshops, FDPs and conferences. His areas of interest are network security,WSN,digital forensics,Image Forensics,Multimedia security. He has around 19 conferences and journals. And guided 6 Mtech Main projects.








Cloning, Phishing, Anti Phishing, DNS Spoofing, Password Stealing, Kali Linux, Spoofing, Wireless Network, Social Engineering

We had given brief idea about phishing, its design and had mentioned some important tools to defend against phishing. We mentioned design phase based on kali linux and webhost. After that we analyzed existing antiphishing plugins -tools based on its performance. In future, researchers can do dns spoofing to map ip address with web address.










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