Basics of Data Mining Techniques and its Application  
  Authors : S. Sathiyapriya; Dr. A. Kanagaraj


Data mining is the process of analyzing data from different views and summarizing it into useful data. “Data mining, also popularly referred to as knowledge discovery from data (KDD), is the automated or convenient extraction of patterns representing knowledge implicitly stored or captured in large databases, data warehouses, the Web, other massive information repositories or data streams.”. This paper provides a survey on various data mining techniques such as classification, clustering, regression, summarization and so on. This paper also discusses some of the data mining applications.


Published In : IJCAT Journal Volume 5, Issue 4

Date of Publication : April 2018

Pages : 44-47

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Publication Link :Basics of Data Mining Techniques and its Application




S. Sathiyapriya : Ph.D Research Scholar NGM College Pollachi – 642001.

Dr. A. Kanagaraj : Assistant Professor PG Department of Computer Science NGM College, Pollachi-642001








KDD, Data Mining, Data Mining Techniques, Data Mining Application.

According to the techniques of data mining listed above, it is learned that this a powerful and essential technique for performing manipulation of data that is data mining gives proper and targeted outcome from large and vastly growing data worldwide. This paper discusses the idea of data mining, the process of KDD, different techniques such as clustering, association, classification, prediction and so on. We also discussed some insights of the data mining applications.










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