Blockchain Technology Applications in Education  
  Authors : Celinne Atienza-Mendez; Demeke Gebresenbet Bayyou


The invention of new technology and availability of high speed connection is playing a vital role in every aspect of our daily lives. This advancement also brings a number of challenges, especially security related challenges. The Blockchain technology, one of the most influential inventions in the last decade attracts attention for its potential to provide security from supply chain management to shipping and other areas. The education sector also needs to utilize the benefits that blockchain technology provides. Educational institutions especially tertiary institutions are now eyeing to employ this application to improve teaching and learning activities and promote collaboration among the stakeholders such as students, teachers and parents. It will also be used in e- transcripts, digital degrees and certification, cloud storage, identity management. This on progress study discusses the blockchain technology applications that can be maximized by the education sector.


Published In : IJCAT Journal Volume 6, Issue 11

Date of Publication : November 2019

Pages : 68-74

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Celinne Atienza-Mendez : CICS Department, Batangas State University, Batangas City, 4200, Philippines.

Demeke Gebresenbet Bayyou : Philippine Women's University, Manila, Philippines.








Blockchain, Blockchain applications, e- transcript, digital degree















Blockchain application provides a secure distributed ledger technology. Though the study it shows that blockchain can be used in many areas of education for instance, online education, student data privacy and consent learning outcome and meta-diploma, operational skill competition, university grades, education-industry cooperative system, educational record, reputation and reward, Educational Certificate, Student Capability Evaluation System, Online Quiz Scheme Based on Double- layer. The study can be further improved by including several other application involving blockchain applications in education. This study will allow educational institutions to assess and decide what blockchain application in education will be beneficial to them based on their respective organizations. This research on progress focuses on the application of blockchain with the confidential documents for instance etranscript and few others.










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