Open Provenance Model : A Systematic Review  
  Authors : Shridevi Erayya Hombal


Open Provenance Model resulting from a community effort to achieve inter-operability in the provenance challenge series. Recently the open provenance model (OPM) has been developed as a consensus exchange format for representing the provenance graphs. OPM is a directed acyclic graph; it is used to represent casual dependencies between the set of processes and products. In this paper the open provenance model has been defined and described through example.


Published In : IJCAT Journal Volume 6, Issue 12

Date of Publication : December 2019

Pages : 81-85

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Shridevi Erayya Hombal : Data Analytics, IIIT Bangalore Bangalore, 560100, India.








Provenance, Open Provenance Model (OPM), inter-operability















This paper has introduced the Open Provenance Model, consisting of graphical notation and technology-independent specification, to represent past executions. OPM specification includes vast amount of potential activity. OPM is the focus of third challenge from a practical viewpoint, where set of provenance queries will help to evaluate its efficiency.










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