Performance Evaluation of Grid Interconnected Wind Generator System  
  Authors : Apeksha Waghmare; Heena Shekh


Recently various FACTS devices have been used for flexible power flow control, secure loading and damping of power system oscillation. Some of those are used also to improve transient and dynamic stability of wind power generation system (WPGS). It is proposed the STATCOM based on the voltage source converter (VSC) PWM technique to stabilize grid connected squirrel cage wind generator system. The study deals with the fuzzy logic based control of wind turbine driven by squirrel cage induction generator (SCIG) connected to grid. The proposed fuzzy logic controller (FLC) is used with nine rules to implement the control strategy for the induction generator. These state variables used for fuzzy logic controller design are the error signals from the model of the induction machine. The computer simulation results show the controller is satisfactory in operation of induction generator (IG) with the significant optimization in the reactive power output. In this work the static reactive compensator (STATCOM) based on voltage source converter (VSC) PWM Technique is presented to stabilize gird connected squirrel cage wind generator system. Simulation results clearly indicate that STATCOM equipped with the proposed fuzzy control gives better and faster performance than STATCOM with conventional controller.


Published In : IJCAT Journal Volume 6, Issue 7

Date of Publication : July 2019

Pages : 46-51

Figures :12

Tables :01




Apeksha Waghmare : Department of Electrical Engineering , Ballarpur institute of technology, Gondwana University, Ballarpur, India.

Heena Shekh : Department of Electrical Engineering, Ballarpur institute of technology, Gondwana University.








Fuzzy Logic controller (FLC), Pitch Controller, PWM Voltage Source Converter (VSC), STATCOM, Wind Power Generation System (WPGS)















In the above work for the wind power plant application the considered model has been simulated for STATCOM with PI & STATCOM with fuzzy controller both under steady state & various transient condition. The simulation results are tabulated in the Table 3. It can be concluded that the settling time & overshoot in Mvar generated at STATCOM is less in case of Fuzzy compared to PI controller. Even for the same active power generation the reactive power generation is optimized in case of fuzzy controlled based STATCOM as compared to PI based STATCOM. So it is recommended to connect the STATCOM with fuzzy controller for wind power plants having Induction generators. STATCOM for sure gives faster response, enhance stability & improve performance of grid interconnected Induction generator based wind system. Places where the switching capacitor banks are already installed. STATCOM can be installed. The reactive power compensation can be provided partially










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