A Study of Battles Against Cyber Crime Out of The Trenches  
  Authors : Oluwatobi Akinmerese; Olamide Kalesanwo


Recent Information Technology (IT) solutions have undoubtedly brought about societal transformation. Several advancements in IT has facilitated several daily activities such as online transactions and connecting with other people. The heavy dependency on the internet and the rapid growth in the cyberspace has resulted in proliferation of cyberattacks. Attacks such as data breach, privacy invasion, ransomware, malware. Despite several attack prevention mechanisms and resource availability of even big IT firms, cybercriminals still find a way to leverage on vulnerabilities and strike a blow to these organizations. Cyber crime is one associated with the most serious of these issues and even its apparent growth in recent times demonstrates clearly how brand-new technologies create new chances for criminal activity. This article gives a brief overview of cyberattacks stating recent attacks on big organizations while discussing mitigation approaches.


Published In : IJCAT Journal Volume 7, Issue 10

Date of Publication : October 2020

Pages : 161-165

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Oluwatobi Akinmerese : bagged his MSc. in Information Technology in the year 2016. He was also awarded a bachelor's degree in Electrical/Electronics Engineering in 2009. He currently works as a Lecturer in Crawford University, Igbesa, Ogun-state. He is currently on his doctoral studies at Babcock University, Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State. His research interests includes Cyber Security, Computer Networks and Telecommunication.

Olamide Kalesanwo : is a PhD holder in the field of Artificial Intelligence. His research interest spans beyond AI and also covers fields such as information security and Data Science. He has several publications t his name. He is a member of Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) and Data Science Nigeria (DSN).








Cyberattacks, Computer Security, Cybercriminals, Cyberspace.















Computer security is not only a technological defense strategy, it is also regarding people. Individual users, private sector as well as federal government needs a basic understanding of cyber threats and how to recognize them. On one hand, advancement in innovation has actually brought a lot greater efficiency: traffic jams eliminated, pollution lowered, more affordable expense of transport and even more. It is indeed a golden age. Then a Computer attack jeopardizes the main network. The systems that co-ordinate all transportation shut down, bringing an entire city to a sudden halt, crucial services stop working, and turmoil ensues. Any organization could be attacked. It is important to always be ahead of cyber attackers so as to avoid losing sensitive information.










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