Authors : Hakeem Babalola Akande; Oluwakemi Christiana Abikoye; Taye Oladele Aro; Ayopo Abdulkarim Oloyede


Network communication is a process that involves the technique of routing for delivering the packet by choosing an optimal path from one network to another. One of the major challenges that require attention in network communication is the problem of finding the optimal routing path for packets movement. The problem usually arises in a packet-switched network as the size of the network increases, thereby making routing becomes more complex due to the number of nodes in the network. Thus there is need to develop a better routing algorithm to provide effective traffic routing system that can update their path by finding the optimal network nodes that will allow effective and fast access to the network within a real-time interval. This paper developed an improved routing system by application of a natured inspired metaheuristic algorithm to reduce the routing congestion problems. Experimental results showed that the shortest path (1-2-3-4) had the lowest average delay time of 2.03s with packet size of 56mb, while the 64mb with the shortest path (1-2- 4-5-3-6) gave the lowest path congestion ratio of 43.


Published In : IJCAT Journal Volume 7, Issue 5

Date of Publication : May 2020

Pages : 59-65

Figures :03

Tables :10




Hakeem Babalola Akande : Department of Telecommunication Science, University of Ilorin Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.

Oluwakemi Christiana Abikoye : Department of Computer Science, University of Ilorin Ilorin, State Kwara State, Nigeria.

Taye Oladele Aro : Department of Mathematical and Computing Sciences, KolaDaisi University Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Ayopo Abdulkarim Oloyede : Department of Telecommunication Science, University of Ilorin Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.








Ant Colony Optimization, Metaheuristic, Network Communication, Packet-Switched Network















This study applied the Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm to reduce the routing problem of finding the optimal path in a switch-packet network system. The data used was gathered from the University of Ilorin network system platform. The collected data was used to evaluate the performance of the developed enhanced routing system. Experimental results were given in terms of the shortest path generated, congestion rate and maximum congestion values of the shortest paths.










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