A Comprehensive Survey on Energy Efficient Routing Protocols for Wireless AD-HOC Networks  
  Authors : Kirti Wanjale; Dr. K. R. Patil


Increasing a lifetime of battery powered devices with reducing energy consumption is one of challenge in wireless communication. One of a major batter powered device is cell phone or mobile phone which is based on Mobile Adhoc network (MANE). In mobile ad hoc networks, all nodes are energy constrained so also cell phones. A mobile ad hoc network is nothing but a distributed system that consists of wireless nodes that can freely organize it into temporary ad hoc network topologies. It is a collection of nodes that is connected through a wireless medium forming dynamic topologies. The performance of the MANET scheme not only has a fairly significant end-result on the behavior of the routing approach employed, but also on the energy consumption of the wireless network interface card (NIC). We investigate the inadequacies of the MANET schemes designed for ad hoc wireless networks in the context of power awareness herein. There are uncontrollable factors such as node mobility, weather, interference, noise which causes topology changes. As well as on controllable parameters such as transmission power and antenna direction this causes significant amount of energy loss. Network coding is an effective method to improve the performance of wireless networks. If these rapid topology changes are controlled by minimizing the maximum transmission power used in ad hoc wireless networks and still maintaining networks connectivity can extent the battery life and hence network lifetime considerably. In addition, the potential energy consumption pitfalls of non-powerbased and power-based routing schemes are explored in this paper. This paper presents a review on the energy efficient routing protocols in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (MANET). We also present the statistical performance metrics measured by our simulations.


Published In : IJCAT Journal Volume 7, Issue 7

Date of Publication : July 2020

Pages : 110-114

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Kirti Wanjale : Research Scholor,Computer,SSSYUMS, Sehore, MP, India.

Dr. K. R. Patil : Vishwakarma University, Pune, India.








Mobile Ad Hoc Network; Energy Efficient Routing; Transmission Power Control; Routing Protocols; Performance Metrics















In this paper, discussion is done on the energy efficient routing protocols in mobile ad hoc networks and an overview of some of the routing protocols like DSDV, DSR, ABR, AODV, TORA. A brief idea is given for the function of energy efficient routing protocols.










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