Implementation of Machine Vision System for Finding Defects in Wheel Alignment  
  Authors : Akshay Padegaonkar; Madhura Brahme; Mohit Bangale; Alex Noel Joseph Raj


One of the crucial tasks in the field of automobiles is the verification of the wheel characteristic angles as the specification given by the manufacturer. The automation in the process can be done by the use of machine vision instead of the conventional way of finding the wheel angels by mounting the measurement equipment on the wheel. This paper deals with the contactless measurement of wheel angle by the use of the 3D stereo vision system. The method in this paper was tested for set of various images and the error in the angles obtained is with the pixel accuracy.


Published In : IJCAT Journal Volume 1, Issue 7

Date of Publication : 31 August 2014

Pages : 339 - 344

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Publication Link : Implementation of Machine Vision System for Finding Defects in Wheel Alignment




Akshay Padegaonkar : Past degree - BE ELECTRONICS [2011], past employment Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd. as Senior Programmer, Currently pursuing M.Tech. EMBEDDED SYSTEMS [expected completion 2015], Past research - “Design of Multiparameter Data Acquisition and Control system for 400KV ECRIS Particle Accelerator System” at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bombay. Current research interests – RTOS, Image Processing, Computer Vision. Presently - Graduate Member, IEEE.

Madhura Brahme : Past degree – BE ELECTRONICS &TELECOMMUNICATION [2012], Currently pursuing M.Tech. EMBEDDED SYSTEMS [expected completion 2015], Current research interests – RTOS, Microcontrollers.

Mohit Bangale : Past degree – BE ELECTRONICS &TELECOMMUNICATION [2012], currently pursuing M.Tech. EMBEDDED SYSTEMS [expected completion 2015],Past research – “Multichannel High Voltage Data Acquisition For Parameter Measurement Of Photomultiplier Tube” at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, & Cosmic Ray Laboratory, Mumbai/Ooty, India. Current research interests – Image Processing, Microcontrollers, Computer Vision.

Alex Noel Joseph Raj : Professor, Embedded Systems, School of Electronics Engineering VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India








Stereo vision

wheel alignment



epipolar lines


Machine vision can be implemented to measure the parameters of an object by using depth information obtained. This project thus successfully uses the concepts of stereo vision in the field of wheel alignment. The current work can be expanded to find the error in angles of rear wheels and also frame angles. The proposed work done in Matlab can be implemented using OpenCV.










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